Xbox One S 1TB Console – Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle

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For anyone who doesn’t already have an Xbox One (and likes Battlefield or knows someone who would want it), I can’t recommend this more. The Xbox One games library is of the highest quality and is massive, especially with backwards compatibility expanding every month.

For anyone who has an Xbox One, but not an Xbox One S (which was my situation), I recommend it, but only under a few conditions. If you have any plans to buy a 4K Blu-Ray player, buy this – it’s lower in cost than a lot of standalone 4K players, and it’s a game console/home entertainment center to boot! Another significant upside is the 1TB HDD; however, if you already have a 1TB Xbox One, then this is obviously not a selling point for you. The Xbox One S is also much smaller than the Xbox One (it’s comparable in size to a PS4 or an Xbox 360 S model.)

Even if you don’t have or want an Xbox One, this is a fantastic 4K Blu-Ray player and streaming machine (and if you ever decide to play some games, you can!)

Overall, I say that the Xbox One S is a fantastic and completely reasonably priced upgrade to an already amazing console, especially considering the 4K Blu-Ray and HDR support.-nick